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Our Beautiful Results

Before After Smiles

Missing Tooth

Missing tooth replacement

Replaced missing tooth with patient’s own natural tooth with only braces!


Teeth blocked no space to grow

Create nice wide healthy smile without removing any teeth!

Surgical Underbite

Surgical Underbite

Corrected to Healthy Normal Bite using surgical orthodontics

Severe Underbite

Severe Underbite

Corrected into healthy normal bite.

Large Open Bite

Large Open Bite

Open bite closed and patient has a healthy bite.

Large Gaps

Large Gaps and Spaces

Spaces closed for a better smile!

Surgical Underbite

Surgical Underbite & Chin Reduction

Surgical Orthodontics helped to correct severe underbite and improve chin and profile.

Crowding Smile

Narrow smile

Widened upper arch for patient for a full beautiful smile.

Crowded Canines

No room for teeth to grow

Made space for teeth to grow without removing any teeth!

Open Bite

Open Bite

Closed the bite allowing patient to chew better.