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phase1 Treatment Options

Early Interceptive Phase 1 Two Phase Treatment

Two Phase Treatment or Early Treatment or Interceptive Treatment (ages 7 & up)

(Also known as 2 Part treatment or Phase 1 and Phase 2 treatment)

The purpose of two phase treatment is make early corrections of the teeth, facial profile, or habits. This can prevent worsening of severe facial problems that cannot be corrected later on in life.

This treatment can include:

  • removable or glued retainers
  • expanders
  • partial braces and wires on teeth
  • space maintainers
  • habit breakers

Problems such as the following should be corrected early in childhood to prevent worsening:

  • Crossbite of teeth (one or more teeth biting too far inside or too far outside of normal)
  • Open bite (teeth do not touch)
  • Deep bite (teeth overlap too much and can damage gums)
  • Underbite (top teeth bite inside of bottom teeth)
  • Thumbsucking (or fingersucking)
  • Big Overbite (top teeth stick out)
  • Crowding (many teeth growing and no space)
  • Crooked teeth (teeth growing turned or crooked)
  • Tongue Pushing (sticking tongue out when swallowing or talking)
  • Speech problems (words with ch, f, v, s etc)
  • Too many gaps and spaces
  • Mouth Breathing
  • Losing Baby Teeth too early or too late
Problems to watch in growing children